Friday, January 8, 2010

The Best Free PC Game Downloads

Best PlacesTo Find Free Computer Games To Download and Play

Computer games are big business, with users spending millions of dollars each year on the latest and greatest games for their Mac computer, PC, or video game system. With computer games averaging $35 or more for new releases, some individuals want to find something to occupy their time and expand their imagination without breaking their bank in the process. Luckily there are many places to find the best free computer game downloads for PCs.

Free PC Game Download Options

Many web sites that specialize in providing links to PC game downloads, both free and otherwise. The key is finding the download sites that provide accurate and useful information about the game prior to the user downloading it. Large PC games can take a long time to download, even on a high speed connection. Because of this fact, look for web sites that provide user submitted or staff written reviews or comments on each file. Sites such as the aptly named and Gamespot are excellent sources of this information, however finding games that are truly free on these sites can be difficult unless the search is properly set up.

Searching For The Best in Free PC Game Downloads

When searching for free PC game downloads at, the user types a descriptive phrase into the search box for the genre of game that is desired. In the results that follow, there will be an option in the left column of the page that allows the user to select "Free To Try" or just "Free." Clicking on the "Free" option limits the search results down to games that are truly free and available for download through the web site. Further, each of these games may have hundreds of reviews written by users or fans of the game. Some also include professional reviews by the editors of the site.
PC game download sites such as Gamespot are a little more difficult to navigate but still contain useful information and links. Most of the games at Gamespot are demos, meaning that they are only partial or crippled versions of the full game. By typing a search phrase such as "RPG -demo" a user can effectively remove any results that are clearly demo versions of commercially available games. At the same time, demos are not a bad way to go for people who really do not know what they are looking for in a PC game. Playing a free PC game demo can help a user decide that they are willing to pay a little more for the full version at a later date.

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